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December 08, 2009

Shoe Dyeing...

So if you can't find the perfect shoe, can you create one?

My dilemma starts with the fact that some of the ladies in my bridal party are not used to the high heel. I mentioned "3 inches" and the look that spread across their face was memorable... and the fact is, i'm really looking for more higher than 3-inches... So here I am, searching for my alternatives...

Option 1. Nina Shoes
{Image from Nina Shoes website)

They have five different styles that you can customize... you can customize the height of the heel, color of heel, upper and lower soles and any additional design.  I noticed that some like the Elke actually come in a standard $99 All one color shoe. So for my ladies who wanted to go with a lower heel, they can customize the exact same look but with a lower heel... but for $175. (although if you sign up on their email list, you get a 20% off coupon)

Option 2. Dyeable Shoes
Image from here!

Find shoes you can dye. This particular style also comes in a shoe with a lower heel. The shoe runs about $75 ...  But thus, my next dilemma... where does one go to dye a shoe?

Option 3. Payless Shoes
Image from here

Their Unforgettable line is reasonable priced, most shoes under $50 dollars, with BOGO you can definitely save and includes the dyeing and shipping in most instances. The only problem is there is no adjustable heel and the options are limited.

So could you mix option 2 and 3 together? From what i've gathered most payless stores will not dye shoes that were not purchased from their stock... Yikes...

So what can i do? Buy dyeables and self-dye?, Buy dyeables and find a shoe place that does Dye? Go the Payless route and say "oh well" to trying to accommodate the heel height?

AHHHH ... idk what to do... any suggestions? Did you have to dye your shoes? if so, how'd you do it?


  1. I think most places will only dye a shoe purchased from them. If you can get a "dye yourself" kit from the makers of the shoe, it's really easy. I used to do it when I worked at a bridal store (15 yrs ago!). Just make sure you get "practice" fabric samples that are the same as the shoe so you can get the color right and figure out how much to put on before you try it on the real shoe!

  2. I LOVE how you can design the Nina shoes to be exactly what you want! Perfect for everyone!

  3. Try this

    They have a ton of shoe options, and you can get them dyed to your color. Should be cheaper than the Nina option and more options than the Payless option. My mom used to work here so I always got my prom shoes from here. Although it is based in MA, they offer free ground shipping. Hope that helps!

  4. Oh Amy Jean...I've been a bad blogger friend too :( but I promise that will change :)

    I love dyeable shoes - at the bridal shop I worked at, we worked with them alot.

  5. I dyed a pair of Payless heels for my high school prom at a cobbler in the mall. They did shoe repair and dyed shoes. Things may have changed in the last 10 years, but I think if you've got a good cobbler around you they could dye your shoes. The 2nd option is my fav :)

  6. I've tried on some of the Nina shoes, they're kinda teeter-y. I am however a fan of the Payless dyeable. Go check them out at the mall, the dyeable ones are much nicer than the white/ivory ones in the store. I'd just suggest those for trying on to determine size/style. The plastic is much stiffer than the satin.

    Do they all have to wear the same shoe? what if you just pick a color and let them pick the shoe.


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