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December 19, 2009

Wedding Magician

With wedding receptions starting to focus more on entertainment for our guests and doing different things, I thought it'd be fun to highlight something different. Andi contacted me from the UK and since i love promoting cool new ideas... i figured, it'd be fun to share - so the following is from Andi, the Wedding Magician.

Hiring a Magician for your Wedding

It's becoming an increasingly popular trend in Europe to hire a close-up magician to perform miracles during the wedding reception. We interviewed professional magician Andi Gladwin to ask his thoughts on the reason for this trend:

What is a wedding magician?
A wedding magician tends to perform close-up magic between the courses of the wedding breakfast, performing a small show for each table. I sometimes perform during the photographs too, which entertains people as they mingle and enjoy a glass of champagne.

Why do you think people hire wedding magicians?
It's a great way for everyone at the table to interact and as most people have never seen a close-up magician before, it creates a great conversation piece. This is often perfect for weddings where not everyone knows each other as it tends to break the ice and give them something to talk about.

Why has magic at weddings become so popular?
I think that close-up magic has gained popularity over the past few years, and so people have been able to see what a great addition it could make to their party and in particular to weddings.

What kind of magic do you perform at weddings?
I specialise in close-up magic so perform a short act involving cards, coins and objects that I find around the table. No performance is ever the same and I always interact with people at the table to create a unique experience.

Where can we find out more about wedding magicians?
Feel free to visit my wedding magician website and get in touch with any questions!

Find out more about magician Andi Gladwin

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  1. Love this post...I knew years ago that I wanted to hire a 'strolling magician' to perform up close and personal card and magic tricks for our guests at the cocktail hour. We scored on a somewhat famous magician to the stars when a chance encounter last Valentine's Day led us to him. We are so excited and can't wait to watch him shock and entertain the guests! I think this is (obviously) a fabulous idea!


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