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January 06, 2010

2 Months... Yikes

OMG. I'm two months away.

No freak out. No freak out...Just BREATHE!!!!

First dress fitting went well (motivated me), CA Bridal Shower went well, got my wedding band (pic below), working on getting FH's wedding band, invites will be sent this week hopefully... 95% close to booking Welcome party (meal) and shuttles... PHEW!!!


Sadly, i'm a little sad its going by so quickly... I Love bride world and not sure if i want to leave yet...

Here's my wedding band:


  1. 2 months??? is that possible?

    your wedding band is perfect... btw

    happy new year and all my best.

  2. 2 Months! How exciting! Mine is in just under 3, but I have to say, I will be happy to leave the wedding world! It's been fun, but I am ready to get on w/ it! :)

  3. Only 2 months..where has the time gone. We will be here the rest of the way for you!!


  4. 2-Months, that is so exciting. I am 4 months away, and still have lots of planning. I am shocked how much I love wedding world, and I think I am going to go through some withdrawal when it's over. Your wedding band is very pretty and elegant.

  5. I love your wedding band! Where did you see it? I'm 4 months out and I can't even imagine what 2 months away feels like!

  6. 2 MONTHS WOOT!!! Wait till you get RSVPs and then all of a sudden you are 10 days away. Enjoy the ride!

  7. Loving your wedding band girl... What a lovely set that is going to sit pretty on your finger :)

    I'm so sexcited that your wedding day is quickly approaching!!


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