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January 13, 2011

Awesome Photobooth

Our photobooth was pretty awesome. We used Cheesy Photobooths and not only did they take care of every little detail - they made it so much fun for my guests. Not only did we get to pick the backdrop and customize our banner, each guest got two copies - one for our scrapbook that Cheesy photobooths put together and shipped to me later and one for the guests to keep. We also got an electronic copy of all of it! :)

My SIL and I went days before to find the little props we were going to use and that in an of itself was tons of fun. Then to see them in action...

Friends Just having fun
I love this one b/c that bottom corner one looks like Kota is coming at you
More family... they had so much fun, my uncle removed his fake tooth in one of the photos!
My nephew loved it... he took like 5 sets of solo pics
My niece also took a few solo!!!
My nephew also jumped into random people's photos... he did not know my friends. LOL
My Maid of Honor with my nephew!
Even the pups took photos!
And finally a photoset of us with our moms... oh and Kota!
Did you do a photobooth? Have you ever tried it? This was one way we memorialized our day and we still love to look through scrapbook and the online photos and just giggle at the memories!


  1. Love the photo booths at weddings they are so fun and make great memories

  2. Having spent the majority of the morning on your blog, I can honestly say -- I'm in love. Thanks for commenting on my page so I could find you! Can't wait to read more... and more... and more :)


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