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January 19, 2010

Day of Getting Ready Shots

I'm very excited about the day of pictures. I found an amazing photographer, Jordana from Hazelnut Photography and we're still on the fence but looking to probably book an unlimited hour package so we can capture as much as we can. Capturing the memories is our Splurge area of our budget.

I sent out an email to the bridal party as a whole. It was to get us all on the same page. After sending it out - FH starts IM'ing me some concerns. Let me replay this for you, here's part of the email i sent out:

Groomsmen: Since y'all take less time to get ready, just anticipate being ready by 1pm. FH will need to be ready by 12:30 PM for our "first look".  I believe the photographer will be arriving to take your getting ready photos about 10:30 am-ish... so plan to be in the suite with FH by then with your tuxes/suits and all that jazz.

So the IM I get is:

FH: I really dont like nor have ever heard of the guys having "getting ready pictures"...i really dont want to be photographed getting dressed
slight pause
FH: he can come in and take pics of us in the room, but not while we are getting dressed. maybe while trying to tie our ties or something...
FH: i really don't want some guy hanging around taking pictures of me and my friends in our underwear 

REALLY?  ... REALLY!!!??? OMG.

So I had to explain to FH that there would be no underwear shots (unless he wanted them) and that its just photos of him hanging with his groomsmen, taking their first swig... laughing and having a good time... something like this:

Boys drinking, hanging out... last moments of clarity before you walk down the aisle!

Or silly like this shot ... which I especially love and think the boys may actually have some fun getting silly!

Image from Annie Warren Photography Blog

So once it was explained to FH... he realized, he did want these photos. His last moments of bachelorhood documented... so i had to send out an addendum to the first email...

Just FYI: When the Groomsmen are "getting ready" and having their pictures taken, this will not involve any nudity or running around in boxers/chonies (undies) while being photographed... There will be nobody asking to primp each other's hair or checking of each other's makeup while being photographed.  The men will be fully clothed and it will be pictures of putting the last touches on their tux (ties/buttons/jackets), having that first shot/beer together and other such images of the guys... well being guys and hopefully, the photographer can capture some of the fun. 

Apparently there was some confusion, and FH was about to call off the wedding... this is completely legit photos. Completely non pornographic. And will be some of the most memorable shots of the day for the guys... probably b/c it'll be the most sober as well. 

I still stick with 10:30 AM but mostly b/c i know y'all will be late...
Thanks for humoring me and having these photos taken...



  1. I guess I am a guy. I don't see the point of getting ready shots. The ones you singled out are cool, but the ones of women getting dressed, or having their hair or makeup did, I just think, really? Since when do you let someone take pictures of you before you are fully dressed? Doesn't the photographer being there just make it more stressful that it needs to be?

  2. That last one's too funny!

  3. I am literally laughing out loud.

    love it!!!!!!! haaaa

    I imagine i will have this same conversation with my FH. I love the getting ready shots - when else do you get a photoshoot of the FH with all his best buddies (drinking, having fun, "guy time") in TUXES looking fabulously dashing? like never!

    PS- I am dying to know, you're wedding is soon- will Relentless Bride continue after the wedding?

  4. This post cracked me up. I can totally picture my FI having the same reaction!

  5. Awesome wedding videos to be inspired by:

  6. Andrew would have passed out if I told him that. He would have thought they had to pose while brushing each others hair!
    HA! LOL

  7. Hahaha... while photography is one of my splurges as well, I don't care for the pre-pictures. i know my mom and bridesmaids will have cameras, and for as much as I care about them, that will be fine.

  8. LOL!! My husband was hesitant with having photos taken in the room as well.. so I too, had to provide him with imagery to put his mind at ease. I paid for a second photographer just to capture him and his groomsmen (brothers and his Dad) as I felt some special moments would be captured however, the second shooter didn't show up until we had already left the hotel and was at Bryant Park, the 1st of our photo locations. GRRRR!

    But if you can get those precious photos, by all means, go for it. =)

  9. LOL!! This post cracked me up! It sounds like something my fiance would freak out about too. Seriously! I will show him this post when I bring up the topic of Getting Ready Photos. I'm sure he'll protest and think that I want pictures taken of him in his underoos too. LOL.


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