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January 29, 2010

FH's Wedding Band - CHECK!

I have FINALLY placed the order for FH's wedding band. One of my ad link sponsors gave us a great deal - so this is what we ordered...

It is the 6.5mm Euro Comfort Fit Palladium Ring in a size 9 (even though he measured a 8.75,  we figured a 9 would fit better).

We decided to go with Palladium b/c its more scratch resistant than white gold, not as expensive as platinum and still light like titanium and durable like tungsten.

YAY! And i did get it engraved but i don't want to say just what yet b/c FH may read this ! I'll post what i engraved after he sees it :)


  1. I love it! Can you engrave it? My fiance like the Tungsten Carbide Rings, and you can't engrave it or cut it off if you ever needed to. They are two turn-off points for me.


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