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January 15, 2010

Honeymoon Booked... Kinda

Ok. Ok. Ok.... so this is big news b/c we finally figured this out. And it kinda just came together, but of course as is with anything i'm doing wedding-related, its not THAT easy... so here's our plan.

My lovely future in-laws are offering their timeshare. Yippee Skippee for free honeymoon, right?! RIGHT!

So we found out that Continental airlines flies direct to St. Maarten from Newark. Perfect. We drive up the turnpike, drop the pups off to stay with the grandparents and hop on a direct flight to the islands... WOOT WOOT.

But it was difficult to figure out which place to stay at, and Tripadvisor and Virtual Tourist were helpful, but possibly TOO helpful. It seems that everyone is a critic, so its hard to know which gripes are valid... but I did find one place. Divi Little Bay Resort that the Timeshare reviews were decent even though Tripadvisor had a 68% rating. But when i looked to trade in the week... nothing available. BOOOO!!!

So i kept looking and found a few others, but after finally deciding on Divi... I was resistant. BUT I did find out that we could use our miles and go first class with 5k less miles each way. COOL. But of course it was day specific.

So then, the next day FH tells me his BIL's parents actually have their timeshare AT DIVI and that they LOVE IT and that its hard to get a week there. This reminds me to look again at our options and guess what?  YUP YUP! That's right... i found a week open!!!

We wanted to go at the end of June, but instead the week was for the end of July.  We confirmed the timeshare.

Our honeymoon is BOOKED!!!!!

Ok, well not the flight yet... and the only way we can get that first class deal was to fly in a day before timeshare check in and to fly out a day before timeshare check out... kinda sucks and means we need a hotel. BUT... BUT... St. Maarten Westin (SPG POINTS BABY) or my friend's and family rate for the Westin is $139/night... so we still get our full week. and we pay very minimal ... and still fly FIRST CLASS! WOOOOO...

But being as Relentless as I am... You know imma keep checking to try to get the Sat-Sat first class flight LOL... let's hope this time it pays off.

Here's a pic of the resort:

Image borrowed from Divi Little Bay

Hip Hip Hooray for (Almost) booked Honeymoons!!!


  1. Congrats! Looks like a fantastic place! My in-laws-to-bed also donated a week of their timeshare. Gotta love connections! lol

  2. Beautious!! So excited for you!! =)

  3. The resort looks gorgeous! How exciting!

  4. That looks gorgeous! I'm excited for you =D

  5. Gorgeous! Have a great time and I am so glad you guys will be able to get away... it's totally worth it ;~)

  6. Looks AMAZING! You guys are gonna have the best time! You are so on point! I would have totally given up!

  7. looks so beautiful. Congratulations!

    You have a blog award....

  8. Looks wonderful.. wow, won't be long now.


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