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January 11, 2010

Invitations - CHECK!!!

My invitations have gone out today. Yup ... They are BYEBYE... OMG. No turning back now, right?

Our lazy sunday was spent watching football, but we also got our outer envelopes from Kelly from Calligraphy by Kelly Ann so while we enjoyed some play off games, we also spent some time  ... oh, embossing, labeling, stamping, stuffing and sealing... and now our invites ARE done!!!

So here's a recap of our invitations... I am so thrilled with my outer envelopes... She did an AMAZING job and I didn't realize how personal it would make my invitations seem. Not only affordable, Kelly finished about 175 outer envelope addresses in 3 weeks after giving birth to her THIRD daughter about 6 weeks ago. Yes, i do believe this woman is superwoman... I'm in awe of her talent and her passion for this and super UBERLY ecstatic about how my envelopes came out.

These are my invitation "guts"... LOL. The beautiful invites from MagnetStreet Weddings - {Design is Antique Border Layered Invitation (look at the original invitation to see how I customized our invitations to fit our wedding).} The Layered invite was done with yellow, Gray and Navy and completely customized EXACTLY how i wanted it. They were so easy to work with and completely fine with my every little request :) We had the invitation layered, the vellium, the RSVP card/envelope, the Enclosure card with info on one side, and the customized Map uploaded that was created by Larissa at PaperCake Designs.

Here's the RSVP Card:
We filled out the "number of seats reserved in your honor" portion (a great idea borrowed from Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride)

And all the beautiful guts of the invitation went into these beautiful envelopes...

Aren't they beeeeaa u ti ful?

And instead of having Kelly do our return addresses on the back, we used an embosser.

To get this: (hard to see but you can get an idea)

So, my friend who was visiting helped us stuff our inner envelopes with the "guts" while FH labeled/stamped our RSVPs while I filled out our RSVPs and put the innards into our beautiful outer envelopes.  YAY!!!

What an amazing feeling to have my invites done and out in the mail? WOW!!!


  1. Wow, time is really flying! So exciting.

  2. Yea! Thanks for the nod on the idea on the RSVP...I hope it works out for both you and me so that none of our guests try to sneak in 'plus ones' on their response! :) They look fabulous! If I hadn't gone with our custom stationery company, I would have gone with a custom design from MagnetStreet...I loved their invites. So great! They look beautiful and so excited you're getting them out!

  3. They look must be getting so excited!

  4. They're beautiful Amy! Great job, love your RSVP wording!

  5. I want to know who sealed all of those???? LOL.


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