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February 03, 2010

My Wedding Dress 2nd Fitting

Major progress in the dress area, however... probably too much? I went to my second fitting which resulted in me bringing my beautiful dress home. Problem? Yes, b/c we were rushed through the fitting b/c my mom was about to pass out from the flu, I figured the little things that i had a few concerns about were ok...

Well after looking at pics and trying the dress on again and taking more photos, the end conclusion is that it needs more alterations. I've complained about this before i know, but basically my thighs have shrunk and my butt a little (my arms have improved but not at the rate of my lower body), so where it needs to fit nice and snug, it fits loosely and the material kinda crinkles and sags... not a good look...

So the dress is headed back... but when? I spoke with Virginia at La Belle Boutique, who of course was more than helpful and left the decision up to me.

So what do i do? My next trip to NJ isn't until a week before I leave... so my options are

1). Go on 2/20 and have her a) ship it to me once altered b) FH or FH's mom pick it up and carry it on with them on their flight out on 3/2 (Tuesday before wedding) c) My MOH/Cousin can get it and bring it with her on 3/4 (Thursday) d) Try to get back up there on 2/26 and drive back to DC for my flight on Saturday morning. Option 1 leaves me no recourse if the new alterations aren't perfect. So far, all alterations have been done exactly as requested - the problem is that my diet is causing weight loss in the wrong areas.

2) Try to go up there on my birthday 2/12 and pick it up on 2/20 when i go back again

3) Find a seamstress here and pay extra. My alterations were included in my dress price - so i really don't want to go this route.

4) Leave it be...

I'm leaning towards option 1... i think getting the 2 week before wedding day measurements will be closest to what i will need b/c i'm still trying to lose weight and i am pretty confident that the alterations will be perfect so that shipping the item to me won't be a big risk. Worst case i need minor alterations in CA which won't cost a ton.

What do you think i should do? Would love suggestions. And if you are thinking of suggesting butt pads like my MOH did, the issue is really my thighs shrinking b/c there is still a lot of junk in my trunk... its just my dress needs a bit of tucking around the thighs

Suggestions appreciated! :)


  1. lol to the butt pads, that's what i was going to suggest, haha! but,i think if anything, minor alterations are the best bet. can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. Amy Jean! I've been MIA for a while, but I just stopped by and saw this post. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with, but if you need to pay for alterations later in order for the dress to fit correctly don't hesitate to do so. You've invested a great deal into your dress, photography, and entire wedding. A bit extra for a perfect fit is crucial (especially for the shape you selected). A saggy dress will definitely show up in photos (which you'll have for a lifetime), and it's not worth saving a bit more money. Good luck with everything! XOXO


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