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January 13, 2010

Our Mini-Moon

We have decided on what to do regarding Postponing our Honeymoon.  True to my west coast roots... (i'm not knocking AC, but i grew up with Vegas...) We are doing our Mini-moon immediately after the wedding in the City that Never Sleeps... the City of Sin... Yup, that's right peeps, VEEEGGGGAAASSSS! And we won't even be sinning when we go there - wooo wooooo!!!  It's kind of funny that what spurred this all was The Hangover - a movie about what you don't want to happen if your FH went to Vegas for a Bachelor party. LOL.

Here are the deets and why it worked out...

Transportation - CHECK!!
My Future in-laws HAVE to rent a big SUV when they arrive in Orange county. I priced their SUV and it was extravagant. I'm talking over $500 for a Tuesday-Sunday rental. So i thought i'd just check what a Tuesday OC Pick up with a Following Wednesday (8 day rental) drop off in Las Vegas would cost and it was at minimum of a $200 SAVINGS!!!!  I didn't question it... i double checked it a couple times running each search over and over again and i was seeing clearly. AWESOME!

Hotel - CHECK!!
Originally, we considered staying at the St. Regis an extra night so as to not rush right off the resort the day after. We got a killer rate on a nice suite so we thought - no honeymoon, let's do the splurge. Well that one night is still more than our three nights in LV... and how did we swing this?

Sunday, we will slowly make our way off the resort. Drop off his family at the airport. I don't want to rush away from my family, so probably have some time with them. We will drive out to LV after dinner Sunday evening. And Check in at the Paris hotel - COMPED through FH's rewards card. (Gotta love going midweek) Since we are arriving at who knows what time, i didn't want to book at a hotel we had to pay for.

Monday - Wednesday, we are booked at the ENCORE WYNN LAS VEGAS RESORT SUITE KING (that's a standard room). 700+ sq ft of glorious space in hotel neither one of us have visited yet in Vegas. So it'll be new for us both and i've heard the Encore is absolutely sexy with amazing food. Lucky for me, my friend was able to swing me a discount code that got us rooms at $119/night. Um, yea... IN A SUITE! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOO! Excuse the excitement. but i love vegas.

Flight home - CHECK!
We were able to score one way tickets from LAS-EWR for $129 direct each. Granted we did lose our originally booked ticket value but that's mostly b/c we got them so cheap it would have cost us more to cancel and change then to just rebook. (dang $150 change fee charges are RIDONKULOUS!)

Extra Perk - CHECK!
Still gets us back in time for hopefully a quick drive by to see his Niece on her birthday!

Mini-Moon Booked? .... CHECK!!!! YAY!!!


  1. We are going to Vegas, too! Fine dining, shows, nightclubs, swanky hotels... I am so excited.

  2. It was meant to be! CONGRATUS!

  3. Awesome! We're doing a mini-moon too (though where is yet to be determined) and I hope ours is as easily done as yours.

    And I also freaking love Vegas.

  4. This is a great idea!!! I want to go too, LOL! It sounds stress-less, relaxing, and exciting.


  5. That sounds so fun!!! Can I come? I've never been to VEGAS!!!

    Just over a month away??????

    Wow!!! Happy new year!

    You better keep posting!

  6. Congrats on all the savings!! You are going to have a great mini-moon!! Don't forget to stop by the M&M while you are there ;o)


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