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January 25, 2010

Perfect Gift... for any occasion!

I recently attended and was part of several weddings in 2009. From being in the bridal party to coordinating for the day of and just being part of the early stages of planning, I had such a blast in every little way ... and it was even more special for me b/c these were all my friends who i shared this with.

I've talked about Stephanie from Geezees Custom Canvas Art before (here)... in fact, she did a giveaway on my site... but I finally got to use her myself. Not only was she super easy to work with, my non-creative mind needed her guidance to really make the gifts I had created special... She helped me personalize a gift that was meaningful and heartfelt. The turnover time was quick and her detailed questions really helped me to figure out what i wanted to do for each photo... so check this out:

Kelly & Russ's Wedding:

Michelle & Rob's Wedding:

Barbara & Barret's Wedding:

Janelle & Larry's Wedding:

Christine & Ben's Wedding:

You will notice on some canvases nothing was written, on others name, location and/or date, and then for one i had the lyrics of their first song. Much of these were just depending on the person or the type of image I thought they would want to hang in their home and also, Stephanie helped with her suggestions. Each of my friends LOVED their gifts and found the personalized touch so special. I was so pleased b/c it was something that I was involved with. I put thought into it. I picked the photos and contemplated if words should be added or not. In other words, my not so creative self got to be involved in something creative and meaningful.  I am so happy with the work done and couldn't be more thrilled that I was able to give them something that helped to memorialize their wonderful day in a way that no one else had.

Definitely check out Stephanie's site Geezees Custom Canvas Art and Her blog... if you need a great gift idea (not just wedding)... and Valentine's day IS coming up soon! (hint hint), I'd highly recommend this b/c its just so unique and puts a personal touch on your gift.


  1. antoinette@wiseweddingstyles.comJanuary 26, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    I love these! I think it would be sweet to have snippets of vows included or words from the first dance song. Thanks for sharing.


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