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January 07, 2010

Postponing our Honeymoon

So FH and I are postoning our Honeymoon... have i mentioned this?

Well, for various reasons but mostly just financial... it's off-peak if we go later in the summer and currently, I am on a case that will be over about summertime too... so the stress of the case won't be hanging overhead while on holiday for me...

But, my boss encouraged us to take at least a couple days before we return to work... and i didn't think about it until watching The Hangover the other night. LOL Yes, the hangover makes me want to go to VEGAS!

I love VEGAS... i'm sure that's pretty apparent, but since we're in CA anyways, why not hop, skip and jump on over to vegas, right?

Well, one prob - we already booked our flights home. So we can cancel and rebook - basically losing our full value b/c of the cancellation policy ($150 - fo' serious?)... but it could be worth it... and Vegas midweek is never too expensive... hmmm...

Another option... take our flight as intended back to NJ and go to AC.... Hmmm.... What to do what to do...

Being a west coast girl, i love me some vegas... AC would be ok, but its not vegas - - -

What should we do?


  1. I can't tell you where to go, but your boss is right: Definitely take a couple of days off and go SOMEWHERE. I just got married in December, and I hadn't realized how much we'd need that time right after the wedding to just unwind (and get away from hoards of people and sit -- no one tells you how tired you'll be from standing from hours on end!). We went to San Francisco and Napa for four days and it was perfect. I just could've used a couple of extra days before reentering the "real world" and having to deal with lots of people again. I think the most important thing is to pick a place that won't require a lot of planning and where you can just enjoy each other's company and relax. Enjoy!

  2. I just feel if you don't do the honeymoon now you never will. I love Vegas too, and AC.....hmmmmm you really can't compare to it. Atlantic City is also a lot more expensive then Vegas. You can't seem to get good deals on food, rooms, etc, and the etertainment isn't as good. It's ok, but it's no Vegas. Your wedding is in 2-months, so none of the beach bars will be open in AC as of yet. Although they do have the pool and spa at Harrahs now. You could also make a day trip from AC to the Renault Winery. Whatever you decide make sure you do something. From what I hear you'll need the time for a little R&R, and getting adjusted to say "husband"...yeah :)

  3. For sure take time off! That would be so nice for you! What abouta local spa/resort? Something where you can get away together...

  4. Can you pay change fee and stop at LV on the way home?

    Can you just get a ride to Vegas and then buy a one way ticket home?

    Vegas...Monte Carlo and Paris bloody Mary'

  5. I hate to say it but I'm all about Vegas! You can't go wrong much to pack in with just a few days for a mini-moon. And that city literally never, fun, fun!

  6. Vegas! 100%! I love Vegas - Andrew proposed to me in front of the Bellagio (fountains a spouting, Andrea Bocelli singing) it was amazing. That place will always be special for me. Also, they have In N Out there.


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