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January 14, 2010

Shoes - CHECK!!!

It took me over a month to locate them all...ALL 8 pairs!

Oover 20 phone calls, several minutes on hold at each place and hours of driving everywhere for me to locate these shoes. But we did it (thanks also to my BM who looked in SD and found 3 pairs there). Let me present my shoes... the shoes that are not on the internet anywhere but for my own tweets about searching for them... the Nina Shoe Etella in Steel and New Navy Tulle... (I'll be in the Steel, my girls in the Navy)

FINALLY... I can say the shoes are ... CHECK!

And to go along with that, i did order the Solemates by bulk - 10 of them for the 10% off :)


  1. dang - THOSE are shoes. and what's rad about 'em - they can wear them zillions of times when they hit the town!

  2. Now you just need a matching purse to go with them....for the wedding or for going out! I'm gonna have to make one. Thanks for the inspiration, and such a great pick!

  3. these are BEAUTIFUL - dang I'm jealous :) so awesome!

  4. I got the solemates (thanks to you) for my mom and sis and I as stocking stuffers. Your shoes are so great...I love that you and the BM's are in the same ones but dif colors...nice! Congrats on the find.

  5. Let me tell you what I am...too tall for those shoes! LOL! They're super that deep blue.

  6. I love love LOVE these shoes. You didn't happen to see them in a 12 anywhere did you? LOL.


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