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January 05, 2010

Wedding Band

OMG. So i decided i'd just stop by Jared - Galleria of Jewelry to try on a few bands on Monday... and I walked out with my wedding band. LOL... I WENT TO JARED! Don't worry - FH paid for it ;-)

So, my ring as you know is not the typical ring... (see here for images).  Well a friend mentioned that a contour ring could fit and i wouldn't have to send my ring in for weeks to get a custom band... so, I decided i should try some on. Especially after spending about 4 hours online just perusing the various selections, how would i know what it looks like without trying it together...

Well, I did try on a contour... the band wasn't the same type of band as my engagement ring, so it didn't look right... but it also didn't look TOTALLY awful...  Here's an image:

A little too chunky but the contour wasn't too bad... you couldn't see the space between too much. However, i couldn't wear the wedding band alone ever... and FH didn't like that it detracted from my engagement ring

So then i tried on this:

Ok, so this one is not flush. You can see the space. BUT it can be worn independently and it doesn't look TOO bad together... and the size was perfect to match the pave setting of my engagement ring...  It's a Scott Kay too, and i got it on sale... I even googled it at home to see if i could have gotten it cheaper... and YAY. i can't. lol ( i need to reaffirm the price, else its going back lol). Not only did the diamonds look the same, but the ring was the PERFECT Size... no sizing needed... hmmm....

So whaddya think? Did any of you do something that didn't technically "match" but works for what you want?


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  2. Can you post some pics of just the band? SO i can see how flat it is, etc?!


  3. Amy Jean, you are totally blinding me with that ring of yours! lol...the second band looked great - happy hunting...

  4. Your ring is gorgeous! The band is the perfect size too!

  5. They are both gorgeous! I have to say that it is awesome to be able to sport my wedding band separate from my engagement ring. Just a thought... :)

  6. Holy crap! I'm blind! I'm sorry, give me a moment to pick myself up off the floor. That ring is freakin' gorgeous! So so lucky!

  7. OMG your ring is absolutely beautiful. I am running into the same problem with finding a band to fit my ring....same thing. I don't want something to take away from my ring, but I want something that matches. Mine is a Michael M ring and they have a matching band but I have small hands and it takes away from the ring. I tried on plain bands, hopefully I will find something like yours and have it be the perfect fit. I thought the dress was going to be the hard

  8. Your ring is a STUNNER!!! I have a yellow diamond too and I just love it to pieces. I have an oval shape with a diamond halo (i think that's what it's called) and didn't think a contoured wedding band would look nice or modern, for me. I have a diamond wedding band, similar to yours and it's perfect.

  9. I can't stop looking that ring. It's gorgeous. It's definitely a timeless piece of jewelry.

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  10. I'm stunned with this ring as well. It's so fabulous. I would love to have that on my ring. This is definitely one of the best jewelries I've seen so far.

  11. Congratulations, that rock on the ring looks huge. I hope you both had a great time.
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