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February 12, 2010

Another year... eh?

So here i am... turning one more year older at 9:36 am PST (in three hours) on February 12, 2010.

I feel like this:

as this song plays in my mind ... over ... and over again...

To put a smile on your face, click on here to check out my mom's post dedicated to me on her blog (yup, like mother like daughter - we both blog, although i think she's more addicted to it than I am). It's mostly in korean, but you can read the important parts... and feel free to leave her a comment if you can :)


  1. Happy Birthday Lady!

    (Nice Pic...)


  2. Happy Birthday Dear Amy! Hope you have a wonderful day! BTW - I am guessing you have made that face many times since that picture was taken ;~)


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