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February 09, 2010

Flower Girls Dresses - CHECK!

How cute will the two ladies look in these?

And my youngest niece/goddaughter in this infant style dress:

Funny how both flower girls - not blood related had the same question after we decided on the dress?

"What shoes will we wear?" LOL


  1. Precious!! I am debating whether or not to have a flower girl now!! I have two ring bearers....

    So many decisions!

  2. As the mother of a gorgeous little girl (said completely without bias naturally) we've been called up for FG duty quite a few times and I have loathed every dress. This dress...I'd be thrilled to shell out my hard earned cash for. Too precious!

  3. Cute! I love flower girls! Don't go crazy with the shoes tho'... :)

  4. Adorable Dresses and so very stylish too!

  5. LOL!! Such girls!! Must be fun raising them.


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