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February 23, 2010

Garter !!! - Check

I was very excited that I would be getting my very own Julianne Smith Stylish Garter b/c I had gifted a friend of mine one for her wedding...

Working with the very amazing and talented Julianne Smith has been such a treat. She is not only very creative, but super easy to work with and has simplified the process of creating your own customized garter.  In fact, when designing a custom garter, she's given these tips on her Custom Garterpage to help you figure out what kind of garter you want.  For someone like me, I know what i don't like - but when faced with so many fun, cute or simply stunning options - i was at a loss and completely indecisive. Julianne helped walk me through all my ideas and we decided to stick with my wedding colors. B/c they are from MY wedding - they remain a timeless color scheme even though the style itself is modern and completely unique...

So the day I saw, Julianne tweet (under her twitter ID Garter Girl)

I really didn't expect that I would see her at the DCCWC Event at the Decatur House only 4.5 hrs later with MY very own STYLISH GARTER!!! so, ok - enuff of my yappin... here are some images of my garter. I am hoping to get even nicer pro pics on the day of b/c my color scheme is a bit hard to photograph but i don't want to leave y'all hanging! I am so in love with it and very very happy that the actual garter came out even better than what i was envisioning!

Firstly, it came in this super cute little bag:

And here are some images:
Our initials A + L and the date 3-6-10 is stitched in with our accent color of Navy...

Isn't it so cute?

Although we aren't doing a garter toss or a bouquet toss - it was really important for me to still do the tradition and I really think that FH will love finding this little detail later that night ;-)

Stay tuned for more pics on the day of with my Stylish Julianne Smith Garter!


  1. you are so cute! loved making this wedding garter for you!

  2. I didn't end up going with a garter, but yours is cute.

  3. Oh, it is so super cute! I love your color great. I got my garters months ago and love them both (the one I'll wear and the one we'll toss). But yours is very fashionable :)

  4. You Go Girl!!! We didn't do the garter toss either, but finding it later in private is so much better, i think!

    rock the launch!

  5. I always love finding these type of unique touches to give to brides.


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