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February 07, 2010

Lenox Product Review

I just received 2 place settings from Lenox to review... I've never been a China girl until i started thinking about these beautiful pieces in my future home... and now, i'm obsessed with it (can't wait to share the China pattern I picked out even though I'm inheriting my mother's Lenox China set she received in 1975)

Aren't these pieces beautiful?
This is the Silver Mist

This is the Silver Song
I love the Silver Song for a more modern look, but the Silver Mist is Classic with a twist. Which is your favorite look?

Can't decide? You can mix and match...

Are you registering for China? If so, which one?

I don't know why (if its b/c i recently saw Julia& Julie) but the idea of Dinner parties hosted at home for long meals with good friends and wine sounds really inviting lately... now if I only had a home with a dining area to entertain in... LOL

Don't forget to become to join Lenox Facebook Fan Page and follow them on twitter!

PS. Bed bath & Beyond is having a Lenox special where if you buy $200 worth, you get a free $50 Bed Bath and Beyond gift card... um, YEA!!!! totally cool as gifts OR for yourself !


  1. We've registered for Gothic Platinum by Mikasa. I love it! Only 8 settings though, nothing over the top.

  2. I love the more classic look! We registered for Parchment by Mikasa. I don't think we will use this too often, so I wanted a set that was more affordable and it is always on sale at Macy's.

  3. we decided to forgo the fancy China completely. not exactly "fine China" kinda people...instead we registered for beautiful durable white Crate & Barrel dishes that our food will look mouth-watering on :-)

  4. I don't generally like bird things but the second set is my favorite. There is something so whimsical and fun about it. Of course I didn't register for china so who am I to talk ;~)

  5. When I was engaged I was about to register for a Lenox Eternal which and Miller Rogaska crystal set of 12 when my Grandmother happened to call on the phone and when I told her what we were doing she offered to give us both the china and crystal as a wedding gift! She has always been a very kind woman but I was so stunned by her generosity that I started crying tears of joy in the middle of the store! Both the crystal and china have gold edging. My favorite part about the Lenox Eternal line is the accent plate --it looks like it's covered in rubies! We have enjoyed using it over the years every time we entertain friends or family for dinner.

  6. Both are so beautiful. I didn't register for china when I got married as I thought I wouldn't use it but now I realize it would be so wonderful to have one set just incase.

  7. I like the first pattern. My mom gave my new sister-in-law Lenox china. I didn't want any. I'll get them when I need them and have enough cabinet space.
    Different topic, but don't get the oil bottle/dispenser from Crate and Barrel. It started leaking after the third month.


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