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February 01, 2010

Men's Wedding Band

So FH's wedding band arrived, and I think it may be too big. No it is. So we have to send it back to be resized. BUT... the Palladium is beautiful and the style is perfect. The engraving i spent an extra $20 to get b/c i wanted the script longer was laser engraved and beautiful... Here are a few images:

Definitely check out Superior Wedding Rings (link on the right) - the prices were cheaper than most other places and the ordering was super easy. With a lifetime warranty, you really can't go wrong - and considering one retail store i went to quoted me over $1100 for a Palladium ring, and i saved more than 75% - I really do feel like we got a great deal! :)


  1. really great shots!!!

    all my best!

    I never engraved my hubby's!!!

  2. I tried to look online with The Mister and he's all, "I need to see them in person." *heavy sigh* :)

  3. If you are going to choose the men’s wedding ring then it will require you to consider several factors. You have to think about all the things like the cost, the type of design, and the durability of the wedding band you are going to choose. Today platinum or diamond wedding rings are in trend. As they both are the best way to express the love and affection to your loved one.
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