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February 11, 2010

NJ Bridal Shower Recap {Part 2}

And to continue... after ALL my gifts were unwrapped, I had this beautiful Ribbon Bouquet that my BM made...

A close up of my wonderful cake:

I was then commanded by my niece to be that I should wear my ribbon bouquet on my head:
My guests who attended:

And of course I had to take some iamges with the ladies who threw my shower:

And of course some photos of my new family to be

And alas.. i will leave you with this last photo of my two ladies from NYC that they sent to me on their train ride back to the city... and yes, that is wine in their cups! LOL! Well deserved ...


  1. I cannot wait to get my ribbon bouquet made at my shower! It is just 10 days from today! :) I hope it is as fun as yours looks in your pics.

  2. You look great in the pics! The bouquet is pretty too.

  3. You look so cuuute! Love your dress! Make sure you bring your ribbon bouquet...I forgot mine!


  5. girl, you are sooo blessed! i think it's so awesome that you have gotten "showered" so much during this special time in your life!

    and wine in the cups! love it!!

  6. oh - and you looked sooo nice! the dress was cute on've lost weight chica!...i say that in a "you look good no matter what your weight is" kinda way ; )


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