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February 16, 2010

OOT Welcome Boxes

For our out of town guests, we are providing little welcome boxes upon their arrival... instead of the traditional bags, we're doing Gable boxes... I'm envisioning a look like this (Image borrowed from Beau-Coup):

But i needed a bigger gable box, and found the perfect one at Paper Mart (with the serious help and guidance of Paola!!!).

So here's what i got... (images all via Paper Mart)

And i personalized this label from Beau-Coup:
Starburst Design in Grey
and of course, to scroll tie these suckers:

I got this navy twine:

Yay! FINALLY... my OOT welcome boxes are done! I've been sitting on this task, debating colors and this and that for over 2 weeks - what a relief to be able to say it is done! :)


  1. Love them!!! Where the boxes relatively inexpensive???

  2. i'm out of town too, right??? ;P

  3. we had a blast actually making ours! we ended up using colored bags with a nice tag on them. we hit up costco for all the items! did a nice assembly line! go here:

  4. I can't wait to see how it all comes together :-)

  5. When do we see the finished product?! : )


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