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February 26, 2010

Pae Baek Korean Tradition

We weren't going to at first... but with a lot of mumbo jumbo with our rehearsal meal/welcome party venue site, the idea came up and we began researching it... ultimately, it was not something we HAD to do but i realized - when else would we ever get a chance to... and this is the one thing that we're actually incorporating into our wedding that is Korean... well besides some of us peoples! LOL

So, WHAT is PaeBaek? The most informative site i have found so far is from My Bride Story... So i'll copy and paste some info here, but make sure to check out that site b/c it is AWESOME! She's got a whole section devoted to the PaeBaek... (all images below are borrowed from My Bride Story!)

Click here to watch a video of the ceremony!

Are you doing anything to incorporate your culture? or A culture into your wedding ? How are you personalizing it?


  1. I say go for it! How are FH's hamstrings? Jk- You're lite as a feather. It would be a real treat!!!!

  2. Hey AmyJean!

    I was excited to see your post on incorporating culture. My FH and I are working on ways to incorporate our Norwegian heritage into our big day. So far we are definitely going to have a Norwegian wedding cake *but not really cake cake* called Kransekake. We are going to get more ideas as we plan, but we figure since we actually met because of our involvement with our heritage...FH did say no go on have a few folk dances. LOL

    missmlis at msn dot com
    PS Are you going to wear a hanbok? They are so beautiful. My traditional norwegian dress is black, so I was not rooting for wearing it!


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