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February 17, 2010

Transportation - CHECK!

I can knock this one off my list too... it took a while, but it is DONE! For some reason, my relentlessness is starting to wear on me ... b/c i want to research EVERYTHING until i am confident its the best decision but i'm starting to wonder if its worth my time.. LOL. Luckily the fact that i'm saving money according to my budget, helps me know its been paying off.

Our transportation is booked for the big day. Since we've got about 100 guests at the hotel, we needed to provide the proper shuttling to and fro the wedding venue.  I had a hard time with this issue due to hourly minimums and high costs all the way around. I didn't want to pay for a shuttle to sit for 4-5 hrs doing nothing just b/c the minimum required was 5 hrs and my event needed 2 chunks of 3 hrs each... it was a mathematical debacle... but i finally found a great company to work with.

Best Chauffeured was recommended by another local company who just couldn't work within my budget with the vehicles she had. I called them and he was able to finagle a decent price and get me a game plan approach to shuttling my guests without wasting money due to the hourly minimums. The one thing Todd did say to me in our first conversation was this: We may not be the cheapest, but i guarantee our service is the best around...

That really stuck with me... last thing i need is a 100 guests stranded with no transport the day of. Or almost as bad, bad service. This sets the tone for the day and reliable, prompt and efficient service is important.

Figuring out the transportation for the big day also forced me to sit down and start thinking logistically 1) what time do we start getting ready? 2) what time do we take before pics 3) what time MUST guests be ready to be picked up... and more...

so PHEW! A huge huge check off my list... and in case you were wondering how we did this:

To the Venue:
1-35 Pax mini coach (3hr block) to start service with taking wedding party to before pics/venue and return for a pick up at the hotel (30 minutes each way)
1-55 pax Motor coach to also do a one way (transfer rate) from hotel to venue.

To the Hotel:
1- 35 Pax to start shuttling service at 9:30 for older or more tired guests and will return for the last pick up around 11pm.
1 - 55 Pax to do a one way from venue to hotel at 11pm.

Sounds simple... but the options were crazy and we were able to save about 200 dollars off the overall costs!

What are you doing for transportation? Was this an area your expectations for cost and value were met? Or were you surprised like me at the normal market rates?

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  1. Yeah, isn't there so much to research when it comes to transportation?
    I was shocked at how much transportation cost, from shuttle/bus rentals (yeah, had to pay while the shuttle was idle for 5 hours).
    I also found out a one-way 10 minute limo rental cost the same as 3 hour rentals. But it was one of the few areas which groom actively desired to have, so we got the 10 minute limo ride after all. Groom was so happy the cost was all worth it.
    I also found out the shuttle service quotes I got were all over the place. The cheapest I found was renting a schoolbus. We ended up not needing a shuttle, but I think it's an area where more research would pay off.


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