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February 23, 2010

The Wedding Dance {He Said: Lesson 4)

Tonight's lesson was a short one because we hit some traffic on the way to the dance studio.  It seems people don't know how to drive in the rain.  We got there a few minutes late and we couldn't run very much past our allotted time because Deborah had another lesson following ours but still gave us an extra 10 minutes to try to make up for our tardiness.  Anyway, Deborah continued to work with us on our first dance, starting from the grand entrance through the big dip at the end.  Of course, I had forgotten what I was supposed to do at the entrance, but after a quick refresher from Deborah, Amy and I were back on the same page. 

After getting that out of the way, Deborah started to teach us a few new things to add to the routine.  The first was a way for Amy to spin from a position where our arms were extended and she rolls down my arm into my chest where i can hold her tight for a second.  I really liked this part, as it gives us a chance to really feel together as one while on the dance floor.  After Amy spins down my arm and into my chest, Deborah then had her do a little seductive dance around me....of course this i really liked lol.  We worked on this for a little while and then came what i thought was the highlight of the night...the dip.  Deborah had Amy watch, and showed me what to do.  I dipped her a little to low so we had to work on that.  The lower you dip, the harder it is to come out of the dip.  Well, I guess it was even harder than normal, because as i dipped Deborah, she realizes and exclaims "oh no, i forgot to tell you how to bring your partner out of a dip"  while I was still holding her just a few feet from the floor.  Once I lifted her back up, she explained the correct way to do this, which definetly made it much easier than just trying to use brute strength from an awkward position lol. 
I really enjoyed tonight's lesson, and since we were late and had a shortened lesson, Amy and I practiced for over an hour when we got home.  This was good because we were able to bounce ideas off of each other.  In just 4 lessons, Deborah has done an amazing job teaching us (me) the fundamentals and has given me so much more confidence in what i'm doing, although i am by no means very skilled at this point.  What I am though, is confident that in less than two weeks, I will be able to pull off what looks like a very good dance with the girl I love, and if you had read earlier posts, this was no small task on Deborah's part.
My last thought, if you go back to the Introduction post I did about this, you'll remember that my father made our wedding gift conditional on me taking these lessons.  He told me yesterday "hahahahahaha, I was just kidding you know right?  I didnt think you of all people would actually do it".  Well, although him saying that I had to go as a condition is what got me to agree to do these dance lessons, the smile on Amy's face when we dance, along with me knowing how important our first dance is to her, and being able to at least do an acceptable level of dancing for her, makes it all worth it.  So regardless of what kind of coaxing it took to get me there, its been well worth it, and I'm very happy to be doing it...and enjoying it as well.  Deborah deserves all the thanks in the world, she's a wonderful teacher, and if any of you knew me, me saying I'm enjoying dance lessons is really saying a lot.  Just one more until the wedding...I wish we had started sooner.

Stay tune for my portion of the She Said  (and read more He Said, She Said here) on our First Wedding Dance - instructed by Deborah from The Wedding Dance Specialists (aka best wedding dance teacher EVER!)


  1. I sooooo wish my guy would take Dance lessons ! Not because the first dance is really important to me but he just plain...can't dance! Can Deborah give people a sense of rhythm?

  2. Yes rhythm can be taught. It is a learned skill. Not everyone is just born with it. Everyone learns it at a different pace. For some it is very matter of fact and they can pick it up right away once it is explained. For others, they understand the concept and can hear the beat but they struggle with incorporating body movement simultaneously.


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