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February 02, 2010

The Wedding Dance {She Said: Introduction}

I've been thinking about my first wedding dance since I was a little girl. I won't lie... I've always thought it so sweet and romantic how everything seems to disappear except for the newly married couple... But, now that i've grown up, I realize that the TV/Movies have mislead me all these years... I mean, really now... the first dance can be incredibly awkward and nerve wracking.

So here we are... 1 month and 4 days from the Wedding... and since February is a short month, only 32 SHORT days away from a day we've been planning for basically 22 months now. Wow... and the idea of our first dance has become more and more LESS romantic and more and more nerve wracking for me.

Now don't get me wrong. I love to dance. My motto about dancing is "shake yo' a$$ and smile" and that's all that matters. It doesn't matter what kind of music, what kind of rhythm... Just try and enjoy yourself. But I'm pretty sure that approach won't work for our first dance... albeit pretty entertaining!

FH and I are having our first dance lesson tonight.

Yup, My FH (and for anybody who knows him, this is huge)... we are embarking on this journey together. I've guilted him, versed him, pleaded with him, and rationalized my way into getting him to agree to this and now i'm nervous.

Here is what I'm hoping dance lessons will help to accomplish for us:

1. a Great first dance - where we look comfortable and can be confident enough to let everybody else drift into the background and we can focus on each other. I'm hoping that a few lessons will perk up our dance-esteems so we can enjoy our first dance as husband and wife.
2. Less disdain from FH in regards to dancing. Period. Perhaps if he enjoys a few lessons, he may enjoy it period and we can do this as a couple?
3. Learn a new step or two besides booty shakin'... that's right. I've got no professional training aside from the couple of years of jazz and ballet i took as a child. I can booty shake but i'm not sure if that one move will get me through the night without teasing LOL
4. Being Right (in a good way). If FH can enjoy this, then i wont feel as bad and he may be more open to other things i suggest that he is completely against. Or, if he doesn't hate it like he thinks he would - perhaps my suggestions in the future will not fall upon deaf ears.
5. Some fun. I hope we can have fun through this. I don't expect it to be easy ... but i'm hoping we can create some memories with our lessons to last us a lifetime.

So where are we going to get said lessons?

The Wedding Dance Specialist (if you are gonna do something, you mine as well do it right - and who better to teach us than a specialist of Wedding Dance!!!) a local DC area based company that boasts being the first of its kind and the only dance company to"guarantee you will look more elegant and relaxed with even ONE of our lessons than if you just try to "wing it". You can have a complete wedding dance in ONE LESSON*."  I think that is a bold statement especially considering who my partner is (i love ya FH but the look of dread is obvious when we dance) LOL but i'm definitely willing (and hope) to see them prove themselves right!

Be sure to stay tuned for our He Said, She Said series on The Wedding Dance to follow after our first intro lesson tonight!!!

* The One Lesson Guarantee applies to those students who inform the instructor in advance that they will/can only take one lesson*


  1. yipeeee! i'm so excited for you two! can you get video footage of the lessons? i would loooooove to see that.

  2. Sounds like so much fun...let us know how it goes :) Oh and let us know how you were able to talk your fiance into


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