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February 12, 2010

Weddzilla Launch Party - Silent Auction

From the Weddzilla community, to our local community, we are giving back. will be hosting a silent auction with 100% of all proceeds donated to Children’s National Medical Center. If you are interested in donating to the silent auction, please let us know.

The mission of Children’s National is to improve health outcomes for children regionally, nationally, and internationally; to be a leader in creating innovative solutions to pediatric healthcare problems; and excel in Care, Advocacy, Research, and Education to meet the unique needs of children, adolescents, and their families. You can learn more about Children’s National at

For more information on all the happenings at the Weddzilla "Rock The Launch" Party click any of the links below.

Event Details & RSVP
Launch & Strategic Partners
Weddzilla Gurus

The following information is borrowed from Children's National Medical Center's website. If you have any questions please visit their website for more information.

Our kids
Children, parents, and their stories are what Children's National Medical Center is all about. Read more "Our Kids", patient stories from Children's National Medical Center.
We want to give you an opportunity to share your firsthand experience with others. We invite you to tell your story and share your experience at Children's National with us.
Share Your Story Online Read More Stories
Ian McNeely
When Ian McNeely was flown by helicopter from the local emergency room to Children's National, his family's lives changed dramatically. "We were given a diagnosis of severe coarcation of the aorta," says his mom Danielle. "Our little boy was extremely ill, and not yet strong enough to undergo surgery. But along with this frightening diagnosis, we were also given hope."
Ian's mom tells her son's story in the video below:
Ryan Cole

Ryan Cole
weighed less than two pounds when he was born. He was less than a foot long, and his biggest toe was the size of a Tic Tac ®. For the first 94 days of his life, Ryan slept in an incubator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's National. His dad Eric created this emotionally powerful video to tell his son's story:
Watch Stories of Hope from Children's National Medical Center:
Harry Brown Harry Brown

The doctors at Children's were skilled professionals who gave Harry the best of care, but it was the nurses and staff at the NICU who were our true angels during the most difficult and stressful time of our lives.
Brian Resau Brian Resau

During Brian's 2 month checkup, his doctor noticed he was struggling to breathe. After visits to specialists, countless tests and procedures, he was diagnosed with a condition that prevented his lungs from working correctly.
Stephen & Caroline Monaco Stephen & Caroline Monaco

Our children, Stephen and Caroline both have a metabolic disorder and are carefully managed by the physicians at Children's National Medical Center. Through close monitoring, specific diet management, and medication, they remain healthy and stable.
Share Your Story Online Read More Stories

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