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February 22, 2010

Welcome Party Venue - CHECK!

It was a big debacle to say the least, but we have decided on returning to a delicious and familiar choice for our Welcome Party venue... Woodranch BBQ & Grill.

It's a local favorite of my brother's family and we had our CA engagement party there. The service was awesome, the food was amazing and everybody loved it... so albeit a bit repetitive - most of the folks attending our welcome party are from OOT - so it won't be that repetitive.

The price was so much more affordable than what the places in the Dana Point Area were quoting us and they were willing to really work with us regarding timing.

We are still doing a 3pm party - thus its not called a "rehearsal dinner", but "rehearsal meal" sounds so weird, so we are going with welcome party... and hoping it really sets the tone for the weekend... of well partying!

We will have our slideshow which i'm working on - and have to say i'm pretty dang good at LOL (imovie is awesome) and we are probably doing PaeBaek (more about this in another post) and then celebrating with our OOT guests - probably about 75 people.

I'm super excited and big big big shout out to my brother and sil who helped coordinate this AWESOME deal for us at a fabulously delicious establishment!

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  1. Sounds like a great final decision. You know you'll get good service and value, and it's never repetitive to get good food while having a good time.


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