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March 15, 2010

AmyJean & Larry: Pro Photo

I've always been quite enamored with Jordana from Hazelnut Photography - but seriously... she totally rocks. She captured what I felt was a beautiful day and made each photo simply magnificent... I'm not sure that you can buy talent like she has... on top of which she's just so dang cute and her personality is SO FUN...

Here are just a few photos that she posted fro our big day! Definitely check out the rest on the Hazelnut Photography Blog... or check out her other shoots - she's completely and totally FABULOUS!

My mom made my jewelery for my big day... using silver and swarovski crystal beading. She also made the bracelets for the ladies in my bridal party and my MIL.

My Flowers were simply fabulous. All done with the creative guidance from Paola, Just Chic Events and Allison from Flower Allie.... stunning. I also had memory lockets on my bouquet (from Aristocrafty )

My custom made stylish garter courtesy of Julianne Smith Garters!

At the St. Regis outside awaiting our first look... Isn't my veil gorgeous? Custom made courtesy of Candi from CG Veils (she rocks btw and is the best around and her prices ... lowest around)

I love this photo...

Our awesome bridal party... The main colors of grey and yellow ... and the navy came in the accents (shoes, ribbon, etc)

In the St. Regis Lobby Bar... normally - i do not look like this, but thanks to Moira from Moira Taylor: Los Angeles Make Up Artist and hair by Chelsey Booth from Chelsey B. Make up and Hair - i felt simply amazing...

OMG. Allie from Flower Allie totally outdid herself... I told her i wanted yellow and the planted aisle look, she took my vision and perfected it... I can't even tell you what a creative genius she is.

My two nieces... adorable.

The long- awaited hand off .. LOL

This image is pretty awesome. It incorporates my fabulous candy buffet from Jackie at Custom Candy Buffet Bar, three of the four tablescapes we had at the reception courtesy of Flower Allie, our delicious four tiered-four flavored cake (Liz - best tasting cake, super duper low price - if you want her contact info, email me) with my awesome Cake toppers courtesy of Caroline from Made with Love CCarolee. The only thing missing from this photo would be the amazing Chocolate fountain from Pure Bliss chocolate Fountains we had later in the evening and of course our awesome photobooth from CheesyPhotobooths!

The lighting from Props FX really nailed the ambiance we were going for... without Brady's hard work, well... the whole feel would have been missing!
Having Dance Lessons with Deborah from The Wedding Dance Specialists helped make our first dance a hit... I won't lie - it wasn't perfect, but it was perfectly us and without Deborah's help, it would have been a flop!

All in all... it was a perfect night as you can tell with the pictures. We got rain. But we also had a clear top tent that let us see and hear it but not feel it... Thanks to Paola's hard work, she snagged the LAST clear top tent in the So Cal area (Oscar weekend made most tents unavailable)... so the ceremony was even more romantic with the rain coming down just as we said our "I do's"...

Oh yeah, and did i tell you Karen Wall Garrison recreated our ceremony through out the day by painting a canvas at the ceremony?

Check out more of our amazing night with photos on Jordana's blog... Hazelnut Photography Blog!


  1. Truly stunning photographs!! You look simply gorgeous. I feel like I have been waiting to see your wedding forever and these did not disappoint!! Except I want more!

  2. I don't know what is more stunning,... the photos or you!
    Hope all is well with you!

  3. Wow! You look amazing. I can't believe we finally get to see wedding photos! So awesome.

  4. Your dress & Bouquet are awesome!! Actually everything including you looks awesome. Congratulations!

  5. The jewelry is so lovely, the photographs are fantastic. Gorgeous and perfect!


  6. Everything looks so gorgeous! I did a post about your wedding on my blog.

  7. WOW! You look so amazing!!! What an fantastic day!! Huge huge congrats!!

  8. Welcome back and a HUGE Congrats to you!!! You were of course a STUNNING BRIDE!!! Love your colors together, so chic! Can't wait to see more! What a talented photographer!

  9. OH I love Jordana! I met with her for our own wedding but ended up going with another photog :( I still love her work though. Your photos show not only your beauty but her talent. Everything looks amazing. How fun! You look so gorgeous. Exciting stuff...will check out her blog for more :)

  10. *sigh* *smile* Congratulations Amy Jean! Everything looks so beautiful! You were a most lovely bride!! Larry cleaned up pretty good too :)

  11. YAY!!!!!!!! Everything looked PERFECT!!!!! I want to see more photos of Karen's work AJ! :) CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!! It's been so fun to follow you along your planning and now today see all of the results!!! Love Heidzilla xoxo

  12. Your dress is fabulous...and I love the painted canvas idea! :-)

  13. Girl, you looked GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see more! Your dress was beauitufl.. so flowy, yet fit you SO well! I loved it! The flowers were so pretty, flowergirls were adorable!, your hubby looked handsome... everything looked amazing!

  14. What a beautiful wedding! Amy you looked gorgeous and the photos are fabulous! Thank you for your blogs about my live event painting! It was a joy and an honor to be able to capture your beautiful ceremony! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together!

  15. Holy crap Amy Jean! It was a STUNNER! Your dress? You rocked it sister!

  16. Okay...ummm....your shoes are GORGEOUS!!!

    I know their Nina brand but what's the model name?

  17. Thanks everybody for the kind words. I have to say my vendors really were amazing... every small detail was perfect so i can't thank them enough.

    @michelle the shoes are ETELLA - the only searches you may find are from me. I got them at 5 different dsw stores from the DC Area, NJ, and SD... it took me a lot of calling and searching to find them bc dsw doesn't carry them online but only instores. I even tried calling dsw corporate and nina corporate... but the shoes were well worth it and fantastic. so i'd check your local dsw. :)

  18. beautiful! and you look like you had a great time!


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