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March 04, 2010

Bouquet Memory Lockets

I ordered these from Aristocrafty Etsy store for my bouquet. I ordered them very last minute but she was running a special where if i emailed her the pic she could put it all together. It was awesome b/c the little details are what is really killing me right now with things to do days before the wedding ... so what a god-sent!  Love them.

One is for FH's deceased older brother

and the other is for my father who is not attending our wedding.

Because of the reason that my father is not attending - i did them separately at FH's request.  My father is in a closed locket and FH's brother is in an open picture pin... the symbolism there speaks volumes.


  1. This is a really touching thing to have in your bouquet. Of course, it makes me teary.


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