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March 24, 2010

Bridal Party Gifts - The Boys

At first, we weren't planning to, but we decided the best gift we could give the men of our bridal party was to cover the cost of the tuxes. Everybody was traveling to get to the wedding and it was a long planning process they had to deal with - so, what better gift then to help with a major cost of being in the bridal party.

To go with the gifts, i got these amazing cards from Shakespeare's Bride (now to-be-greetings) ... aren't they just perfect for a man... Note the inside has some meaningful well thought out words... "thanks, bud." I mean- its pretty well summed up for any man... but especially perfect for my Hubby since he is not a guy with too many words.

Our men also got these monogrammed duffel bags that i found on Ebay through Monogrammed bags and more and inside I had a pair of cute socks to go with the wedding colors... Navy with gray and a small yellow stripe. The boys probably didn't care so much about the socks... but i thought it was a nice touch.

And of course the morning before the wedding, Hubby took the boys out to breakfast before they went to pick up their tuxes and enjoyed each other's company...

Hopefully they liked their gift, b/c truly - its much easier to shop for women LOL


  1. GOSH, that is a truly thoughtful and generous gift!!!

  2. These are great gifts! I'm sure they loved them. Nice work!

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