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March 25, 2010

Bridal Party Gifts - Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

So, like i mentioned in my post about our bridal party gifts for the boys, it is much easier to gift women IMO.... but there is also a lot more to being in the bridal party as a girl than as a boy... hair, make up etc etc... so this is the gift we bestowed upon our ladies...

The adorable cards from Shakespeare's Bride (now to-be-greetings) for our flower girls and ring bearer.

The Flower girls got these cute monogrammed backpacks full of goodies (from Ebay Store Monogrammed bags and more.)

My MOH/BM's received one of these three cards also from Shakespeare's Bride (now to-be-greetings) ...
Here is the inside...

The ladies also received a charcoal tote with cream monogram (also from Monogrammed bags and more.) And inside, i had foot petals for the shoes, sole mates and the colgate wisps...

Also inside was the bracelet my mother made for each of my ladies...She used the real sterling silver flower beads with some metallic silver swarovski crystals and a crystal little accent thing in the middle... they were beautiful... and having her make a piece like this saved me hundreds per piece... It also helped to make the gifts completely unique and personal.

For their hair pieces, this wasn't in the bag b/c of the delicate nature - but I also worked with OlasDreamWorld to have the Yellow Flower headbands for my flower girls.

And each of my ladies had one of these pins made specifically for my wedding put in their hair.

Aren't they cute? here's a shot of the pieces with my hair piece.
I think all in all, the ladies came out with a great gift - it seemed like more than the boys, but realistically - we had more going on with our attire than the boys did LOL... oh yeah, and don't forget - we also had a mani/pedi morning before the rehearsal to have some bonding time and we treated them to hair and make-up for the morning of! It wasn't planned but definitely made hubby and I feel good that we could include these little things in our budget to show our bridal party how much we appreciate them! :)


  1. I LOVE those BM bracelets! You did a great job gifting your wedding party!! :)

  2. Love the stationery! Ordering mine now!

    Love you Amy Jean!!

  3. Those bracelets are beautiful!! Also love the stationary...wish I'd known about them 6 months ago :)


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