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March 29, 2010

Bridal Party - Mani/Pedis

So, immediately after my rehearsal hair and make up session with Chelsey B... my mom and I headed straight to meet up with my wonderful ladies for some "girl" time. My SIL, who has been so vital every step of the way, worked a discount and made our appointment at the nail salon she goes to. Not only that, as i was running around the day before - she even got some food prepared for our little time at the salon...
Yummy snacks - that hit the spot - on top of some wine we had brought in!

Here I am getting primped!

My MOH  - not sure how many glasses she had at this point, but something was very funny!

My SIL who worked so hard to make everything perfect for the weekend!

My SIL (post-wedding); at the time FSIL. LOL

My BM who i've known since Jr. High...

BM - she prob had just one drink, yet the Asian "glow" has already kicked in!

My BM, after she opened her gift...

My BM - my right hand man since law school - she's traveled quite a bit for each one of my parties!

My MIL (at the time FMIL)... getting pampered!

My mom and flower girl/niece...

My Aunt took the day off to enjoy the wedding weekend with us - i was so thrilled to be able to spend quality time with her before i became a Mrs.

My eldest nephew's girlfriend - whom I adore. She took the day off from school to enjoy getting pampered!

My two flower girls slash nieces... aren't they adorable!

They let us basically take over the salon for two hours and totally helped to pamper us!

And if anybody asks why my mom had to get her nails retouched like 3 times... it's because she kept eating while her nails were supposed to be drying!

And a beautiful picture of my beautiful aunt...

What a blast we had... we got our nails did, had some snacks, drank some wine and i got to say Thanks to all the VIP ladies in my life who have made my life, my wedding planning, my wedding weekend and my wedding day so wonderful!


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