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March 26, 2010

Hair - Trial & Rehearsal/PaeBaek plus Make Up

So its never a safe bet to do what i did, and i'd say 100% of most stylist and brides warn against it... but I waited to do my hair trial until the day before the wedding! I KNOW! It was risky, but i had faith in my fabulous stylist Chelsey from Chelsey B Hair & Make-up - just in her wonderful personality, that i took the risk. Partially though, b/c I was out of town and only in-town so often - we just could not get our schedules to match - although I know Chelsey really tried.

Since the wedding was so close anyways, I decided to make it even riskier by setting my appointment for the trial for the Friday before - I'd need to do something with my hair that day - so why not - two birds, one stone! On top of which, since Chelsey does make-up too, I threw that in for fun good measure.

My mom came along with although she had her hair done the night before. But what happens when you sleep on did hair? Well, you can imagine it was a mess - so we were hoping Chelsey could work magic on her as well. :)

Here's some snap shots of my mom taking photos of us just yappin' away during the session!

Side - View - she got exactly what i wanted for my Rehearsal/Welcome Party/PaeBaek Ceremony... even though it wasn't what we were doing on wedding day, her fabulous job gave me great confidence she would be amazing!

Front-side, I love the hair and make up...

Backside of hair... beautiful up-do

Here is my mom and my adorable niece at the special mani/pedi's i treated my ladies to... Doesn't she look great? Yup, and Chelsey was phenomenal. Worked her magic on the hair and did wonderful make-up... so much so, my mom canceled her other appointment and booked Chelsey for the day of for her make up and hair!

Oh and a quick shot of me getting ready for the PaeBaek...
 See what I mean, by the PERFECT look! I love Chelsey - personality is so adorable, her attitude is contagious and her skills are so perfect... The girl needs to start charging more for that package! :)

Check out her blog here! And take a look at my wedding hair inspiration pre-wedding weekend!

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  1. Ahhh... thanks! I'm so glad we ran across each other! It's good to hear you were so happy!


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