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March 22, 2010

Mindless Thoughts

I know i've been promising you recaps, but I promise they are coming... for now, i just wanted to do some mindless rambling...

Let me tell you - things are great. People ask me "how's it feel being married?" or "Does it feel different?" and its funny... b/c in all honesty - nothing has changed, but everything feels better. I can't pinpoint exactly what feels different or why I feel so happy - so often times i respond "not much." or "its kind of the same"... but it really is indescribable... and not in an overwhelming I can't stay in my skin kind of way... it a more durable feeling that I know will be with me for a long time. So instead of screaming with excitement for this one moment of joy, i'm just so peacefully happy and thriving in the moments b/c they never seem to end. I'm a wife. I never thought i'd say that. And let me tell you - saying "my husband" has come so much easier to me than saying "my boyfriend" or even "my fiance".

Now, don't get me wrong... doesn't mean I've stopped naggin at my HUSBAND or that I am not altering my future plans and goals with each day... I mean just this morning, i felt i needed to lecture the man of the house about separating colors and whites... to which his response was "but my mom washes all her towels together." So of course, i bit my tongue... waited a few moments, and returned and said so ever calmly and nicely (or what i felt was nice) "regardless of what you wash, the colors/darks and whites need to be separated... otherwise the white towel will turn a light blue with navy fuzzies all over it... like the towel in your hand..." then i smiled and i walked away.

Ahhhh... married life - if my only complaint is the color my husband turns our new white towels... I think we may be off to a very good start ... <3


  1. ha ha ha!!! This was funny...way to handle that : )

  2. LOL this made me giggle out loud! Great read!


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