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March 02, 2010

Photobooth Banner

Check out my uber awesome Photobooth banner that was customized by Cheesy Photobooth - my awesome photobooth peeps...

They used the monogram i won from Double Trouble Designs (posted about here)

and I picked one of their sample designs

and Voila

I love it... What a great and perfect job... they did customizing the banner to our monogram, wedding colors and truly making it ours :-)



  1. Looking good! Your wedding is so soon, how exciting!!

  2. So are so close to your day, congrats again!

  3. Oh yes, it looks so great! I sent my info over to Cheesy PB's a couple weeks ago with the design I created for our banner. They said it looked good (hopefully) so I'm excited to see the final product :)


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