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March 11, 2010

Photobooth Props

Some called me crazy... but they were a hit...

To help personalize our photobooth pics and incorporate our pups whom we miss so dearly - my SIL helped me take these photos...

and turn them into these...

Needless to say, our props were a hit - and having Kota and Juneau in our photos was even awesomer.

Our basket was full of fun stuff:

And at the end of the night, someone gave us this:

The pups had taken pics in there just the two of them... TOTALLY FUN!!!


  1. I LOVE this idea! My fiance's and my pets are a big part of our lives and this idea is just too cute! :)

  2. I cannot wait for Cheesy PB at our wedding! I just got the final banner proof back from them yesterday and have all my props ready to go for the big day :) Your photobooth looks like it had lots of great little props, too. Can't wait to see some actual pics from it! Did the guests all love it? Was it packed all night long?

  3. love this idea!! cannot wait to see your wedding photos!!!

  4. as a BM in attendance, i can attest to what a hit the cheesy pb and the props (specifically, kota and jun-bug) were. everyone, and i mean, EVERYONE AND their mamas (and papas - literally) were lined up to cheese out for the newlyweds.

    i think it would probably take days to post up all the fun photos we all took...but it would certainly be worth it! i mean, alcohol + props + photobooth is an equation for non-stop laughs all night long.

    i'm so sad the night had to end and we all had to return to our normal lives. i love you lamy!

  5. That is so much fun!! What a great idea!


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