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March 04, 2010

Placecards and Table Names

Kelly from Calligraphy by Kelly Ann is doing all my place cards and table names... we worked together to pick a look that would just go well with the overall theme of the day... and by work together, I mean - she guided me 150% of the way through... here is a quick look at some of the place cards.

We got the paper stock (i looked everywhere and couldn't find the perfect one until i went to etsy) and found these beautiful dark gray papers from Hawkdesigns

And our table names... we went with dog names... those of our friends and families and will put these on table number holders while putting a picture of the dog in a frame!

I am so lucky to have talented friends... especially considering she got the guest list over the weekend and has everything finished... her poor daughters - she's probably neglected them just to do this... i owe you big kelly!!!!! HUGE!!!


  1. congrats on your wedding being so close! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! seriously, it goes by so fast... If I could relive that day over and over I would :) Have a great rest of the week and a GREAT wedding day! :)

  2. They look great! OMGosh two more days! Where does the time go?!

  3. How sweet of your friend! Everything looks so fab!!! Enjoy your wedding weekend!

  4. Super lovely! Congrats in advance on your wedding!!! Cant wait to see the pics!!

  5. Finally here huh? WOW... ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!! Can't wait to hear all about it! xo

  6. everything looked perfect great to have good friends that are willing to help

  7. awwww-thanks :) it was my pleasure!

  8. They turned out great! Very nice of your friend!


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