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March 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

or let me work with ya...

Did I tell you about how for 2 weeks prior to my wedding ... the forecast gloomed "RAIN!"... Yea, i refused to believe it and through the amazing help of my coordinator Paola (Just Chic Events) was i able to work a Clear top Tent the friday before the wedding (on Oscar weekend, mind you - she is a miracle worker)... Yes, I was in such denial - i waited til 24 hrs prior to actually book the tent ... I kept thinking... "it doesn't rain in southern california... does it?"

So, in anticipation ... i did buy these - for fun bridal party pics...

Yea super cute clear bubble umbrellas... but THANK goodness we didnt' have to use them b/c they were about $17 a pop, and i have a 14 person bridal party... - but we did get them just in case.

Luckily, we made the rain work for us...  :)


  1. OMG! I love them and I was just wanting to get Chase an umbrella... I will SO pay you for a blue one!

  2. I keep wondering if I should book a tent just in case. I really do not want to think about the possibility of rain...I have checked the forecast for the past several years and in April it rarely rains in Orange County (so Cal), but everyone keeps talking about how unpredicatable it is with El Nino this year! UGH!

  3. rain is good luck right!!!! it poured 2 days prior to our big day..we had "storm alerts" on the tv...hail...etc.. ugh! thank god it cleared up for our day!! we ended up having gorgeous weather!

  4. ohh, i want an umbrella too!!!! how much?!! ps..i live in Southbay!

  5. We got the umbrellas at target. I think they can be purchased online too - Totes Bubble umbrellas. I think the Target's in CA have many more than the ones in DC - so we located a few - but they are 16.99 i think... :)


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