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March 30, 2010


The rehearsal was pretty efficient - but mostly because Paola (Just Chic Events) was leading the way. With a bridal party of 17 people not including hubby and I, well - that's a big order for anybody... but Paola was of course ever so gracious and direct in helping guide us with what we needed to do - to make this as painless as possible!

Here we are when we first gathered at the ceremony venue - so beautiful - the day was sunny, the skies were blue - a pure contrast to the next day - but it made it all the more fun
 Here is the MOH and the flower girls playing frisbee...

 Hubby and my uncle/officiant getting used to the "altar"

 Brother reigns in the kids - no more frisbee, time to get to work!

Everybody lining up in the atrium!

The mom's start off...

The bridal party proceeds...

Staged and ready...

My adorable nephew, the ring bearer!

The flower girls...

My brother and I walking down the "aisle" with my awesome bouquet!

Paola, instructing us... on how best to do the "hand off"

Going through the motions... what you fail to see is my uncle messing around throughout much of this...
telling us not to fart or have gas, etc...

The end.... of Take one, that is!

This was me coming down the aisle after the first run through. we did this twice, just to make sure we got it and it was awesome. Efficient. Quick and painless.

Doesn't the venue look amazing... even in the tented area it was still gorgeous, but this was what we initially envisioned when we booked the site!


  1. It's the Rancho Santa Margarita Bell Tower in RSM, CA. A great location :)You can check my other posts to show reviews of the ball room and how we used the venue :)


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