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March 01, 2010

The Wedding Dance {He Said: Lesson 5}

Amazing. That is the only word that comes to mind about Deborah's dance lessons. We had our final lesson before the wedding and it was the first time we did the full dance. Deborah videotaped us doing the full dance and I am shocked at how much she was able to teach someone as novice as myself in just a few short lessons. My confidence is at an all time high that we will for sure WOW the audience on Saturday night. Although Amy and myself make mistakes or forget little things as we go along, Deborah has shown us the best ways to make those mistakes invisible to the audience and when we watched ourselves on tape, even we couldn't notice the missteps, even though we knew we had made them.

I cant put into words how happy and excited I am at the thought of being able to give Amy the "first dance" she has always dreamed of and without Deborah's masterful guidance, it would never have been possible. She is a great teacher and really knows what she is doing. She is truly an expert in her field and I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone who is getting married and wants to wow their crowd.

If you recall my earlier posts, I wasn't exactly confident that I would be able to do even half of what I feel I can do now on the dance floor. I've learned how to keep the beat of the music, how to twirl my angel around, and most to dip her without severely injuring her or myself lol. Now that we've had a full set of lessons, I know I can pull all of these things off. For Deborah to be able to teach someone like me all of this, I would not hesitate for a moment to say that she can teach anyone to dance.

So all you guys out there who don't think you can ever learn to dance, or don't want to learn to dance, please listen to my words and know that it is definitely something Deborah can teach anyone, no matter their prior abilities, and also it is something you will find very fulfilling. The look on your future wife's face when she sees the effort you put in all to make her happy on your special day makes all the dread, reluctance, or whatever you are feeling about the idea of dance lessons go right out the window. And you just might have some fun while you are at it. I know i sure did and all of this is a credit to Deborah and her teaching style. Thanks Deborah, I'm sure you will be very proud of your work when you see the video from our wedding.
 Stay tuned for a post with our FIRST WEDDING Dance... and read more about the He Said, She Said of the Wedding Dance with instruction from Deborah Joy, from The Wedding Dance Specialists


  1. I am so proud of both of you! I am also so thrilled that you have moved past the technicalities and into the sentimentalities!

  2. so excited for you!!! FIVE days!? holy cow!


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