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March 01, 2010

The Wedding Dance {She Said: Lesson 5}

Our final dance lesson proved difficult at first... but mostly b/c i was so tired and had spent the day earlier at the Weddzilla Flash Mob and the day before preparing for it... But within minutes, Deborah's contagiously fun personality infused a new sense of energy and I was ready to rock and roll... LOL

One of the most helpful things that FH and I did for our last and final Wedding Dance lesson was practicing the week before. In all honesty, the time we spent alone discussing our ideas about the dance lesson, figuring out the best way to communicate silently on the dance floor and when and where certain things are or are not effective - really got us on the same page for our last lesson. The extra time we put in gave us a familiarity that partners need when dancing to feel and sense each other's movements without actually touching aside from the proper positioning of hands/arms/etc...

So this last lesson was our finalization... incorporating our final last touches and trying to smooth out any glitches. We ran through it and I even wore the crinoline to help us get the feeling of dancing with a big poof ball in the way... and YES we did get pics of this... check it out!

This is how we are to bow to our audience...

As we gaze lovingly at each other...

Practicing our lounge move.. its harder than it looks lol

This was hard... we had to practice this OVER and OVER again... You can't tell but the lounge, in heels, when done even slightly wrong totally throws you off balance and i'm not some little light as a feather type girl - so very worried i'd throw out FH's back... LOL

So, have i mentioned I have a hard time being in the spotlight when its a spotlight? I mean i'm a yapper and i can talk it up, but when its a spotlight, i freeze. So Deborah had us practice the dance the whole way through and then videotaped us when we did it again. I froze. Nobody was even there but us three and I FROZE. FH was the smooth operator... leading me and letting us glide (or appear to glide) all over the dance floor. I felt like we kept messing up, but when i saw the video... let's just say - i love big poofy skirts... any mistakes we had made with our feet were easily disguised and as long as I kept following and FH kept leading... we looked pretty dang good!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping to get some practice time in friday night before I left DC for the last time as a single woman to head to CA for the wedding, but with all the packing and working and recovering from the Amazing Weddzilla Launch Party... we were scrambling for time. We are setting aside time this week to perfect our dance... we now have the tools to do this, thanks to Deborah (seriously seriously... miracle worker) so I'm super excited to see what our dance will look like!

Stay tuned for a post with our FIRST WEDDING Dance... and read more about the He Said, She Said of the Wedding Dance with instruction from Deborah Joy, from The Wedding Dance Specialists


  1. this post/your photos/descriptions reminds me of Dirty Dancing when they are practicing and Baby almost throws out Johnny's back! HAHA! I'm sure you two will do GREAT!!!!!!!

  2. we took a video of our dance..each lesson so we could watch it..and practice along...thank goodness we had this!!! anxious to see the end results!

  3. two are so cute

  4. Remember to read the Dance Tips Resource Link on our website for last minute ideas on prepping for your First Dance on the big day! That will help calm nerves too!


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