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March 17, 2010

Wedding Highlights...

I'm not sure where or how to start my wedding recap... so bear with me, as i use this week to get back into the grind of things and figure out how best to replay the magical weekend as well as highlight my vendors who had amazing service and products so that other brides can benefit from that... if you have any suggestions, let me know...

if not... until then - don't forget to enter my contest for the free 20 invites... these are the coolest invitations, and can totally be customized - not just for wedding either - so enter now! :)

For now i leave you with a picture of FH and I right after we went and got our marriage license :)


  1. Aww cute picture! Wow, it's been 11 days since you were married. How does it feel? :) So happy for you! Looking forward to your recaps!

  2. Hi!
    This couple looks really awesome i really love this photo thanks for sharing..


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