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April 13, 2010


Recently I attended the launch party for Julianne Smith's new Garter Line and The Garter Girl Website and The Garter Girl Blog.  As you know, she custom designed my own garter (which i love) so I am a big fan. She's also in the DC area, so she's one of my FAVE peeps in the wedding industry. Sweet, stylish, uber chic and just downright honest and kind... it's hard to come across such all around good person, especially one with such skill... So i had to do a highlight, b/c her new line is DROOL WORTHY!  Downright, gorgeous. Made me wish (for the first time since I got married), I had gotten married AFTER seeing her stylish new line of garters!

A couple of my PERSONAL faves...

 Isn't she lovely? And since you can customize it specific to your wedding, you could incorporate a beautiful blue for your something blue or even your wedding colors...

Now these are just her Couture line, she also designs lines for Traditional, Modern, Eco-Friendly, Something Blue, and Custom... make sure to check out her Gallery (yay, I'm in there) as well as The Garter Girl website and Blog!

Congrats Garter Girl... your new line is simply fabulous and simply you! Love it!


  1. Thank you so much for the awesome post about my new collection! You are great and so supportive!!

  2. her garters are awesome- especially the custom one she made for me with my wedding colors

  3. I typically hate a garter,but I would have totally worn that one.


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