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April 30, 2010

Getting Ready {The Bride-ME!!!}

So, now it's my turn to share the photos of me getting ready. I really didn't intend to have so many LOL... but Jordana (Hazelnut Photography)took some fun action shots, so i had to share. Considering how whirlwind the weekend got, it meant a lot to spend that whole Saturday morning with my bridal party, the moms and my aunt... it was "our time"... and since we had a stellar team of hair (Chelsey B) and make up (Moira Taylor) - we were in great hands!

One of my favorite shots was this black and white... I loved that our make up gals insisted on seating us near the balcony - sure they got natural light, but we got an amazing view! :)

Here's a close up of Moira, i <3 this photo... we definitely had a good time getting the ladies all purrtty!

**sigh** I love my dress... this photo is fun b/c you can see the bottom poof!

Here's a close up of my face LOL... you can see the detail of my make up. Also, the jewelry - my mom made me the matching bracelet as my ladies, but i also got the earrings and ring made to match!

I forgot to prepare for the buttons... so my MOH/cousin made do...

My beautiful hair piece from OlasDream World Etsy Store...

Getting help with my customized stylish garter (Julianne Smith Garter)

I SUPER DUPER <3 this photo... you can see my beautiful shoes (i searched high and low so we could have these shoes for the wedding) and the garter and all the dress poof!!!

A close up of the belt... now i just need to find an everyday outfit i can wear it with!

Since my hair was down, we had to be careful with putting the veil on... but my custom made cathedral veil was to die for (Crowning Glory Veils)

And to end it... a shot of my beautiful niece being a "photog"...

I had a blast "getting ready" with my ladies... it was a bit hectic, but i think the chaos helped to keep me pretty stress-free!


  1. Your team did a great job. You look gorgeous in these shots. Thanks for the recap!

  2. You look beautiful! I love your dress too.

  3. We had the same dress!!! But I had the gray sash!! So pretty in white :)

  4. Love the dress. thanks for the beautiful pictures


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