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April 22, 2010

Getting Ready {The Moms & Auntie & lil' ones}

So, we had gotten a nice honeymoon suite for our wedding weekend b/c i knew i was gonna have oodles of ladies in the room getting ready. From my bridesmaids to flower girls, my Mom, MIL and Aunt also joined to get their hair did (Chelsey B is fabulous) and make up did (Moira Taylor Make up).  Good thing for beautiful spacious room with beautiful views (and excellent group rates!!)  :)

So let's start this off with a beautiful picture of my gorgeous mom after she got her hair did! :)

My Aunt - do I look like her? Many say we do look alike! :)

My MIL already completely ready... doesn't she look pretty?

My mom finagled a french fry from one of the girls... LOL

Back in the chair for a final touch up before we walk out the door!

My mom... doesn't she look amazing?

Putting on her corsage!

Special flowers were made for all my aunts and uncles...

Here the little ones finally get fed. It was a last minute detail I totally forgot about LOL

Aren't my nieces adorable?

The beautiful view i mentioned...

And i had to end with our youngest in the bridal Party, my niece and god daughter... Isn't she precious?


  1. Everyone looks so calm and excited! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the headbands (and dresses) the flower girls wore! Where did you get them!? Adorable!!!

  2. All hair accessories were from OlasDreamWorld on Etsy (find more info here) She was awesome, super quick, customized a lot of stuff and still got it to me in super crazy fast time.

    The dresses were from a store in the Mission Viejo Mall... let me know if you need the name, my sil can get it to me!

  3. THANK YOU! Don't you just love etsy!!! I do!! Don't worry about the dresses, because I can just use the pictures to find something similiar around here! Your wedding is an inspiration! Looking forward to reading more about it!

  4. Everyone looks so beautiful and so happy... I can't wait for the next update!

  5. Your Momma is sooo pretty!!


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