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April 05, 2010

Happy 36th Birthday Baby Boy!

Yesterday marked the 2nd year anniversary of the engagement proposal - but the bigger celebration was that it marked Kota's 36th Birthday... Well some say 36 (this formula is based on first year equaling 1 year and 7 years for each human year after) and some say 37 (this formula is based on 10.5 years first 2 years, and 4 years each year after) - but either way, Mr. Kota turned 6 human years yesterday!

So to celebrate Easter, anniversary and especially Kota's birthday - he had a dog partay!!!

Here are some fun photos from the day.

 Kota's Birthday Cake - human ingredients that are dog friendly - Peanut butter, Honey, flour, vanilla, baking powder, egg, cottage cheese and carrots! Some humans tried it and said it was a bit dry and bland, but otherwise - a decent cake.
 Rice Krispy Treat Eggs - dipped in chocolate with sprinkles~!

 The boys getting their cake. Jack is Kota & Juneau's friend... he came to help celebrate Kota's birthday!~

 Getting treats - Kota got lots of gifts!

 Juneau begging for food - he's so handsome when he does it, how can you resist?!

 Hittin' on the hot ladies - our eldest definitely loves beautiful women, and has no qualms about stepping up to them... even the married ones! VERY BRAZEN!

Mommy with the birthday boy! :)

What a blast and what great friends our family has to come out and celebrate with us. Kota's daddy made kielbasa and sour kraut, Beer meatballs and Baked Mac n Cheese with Bacon... I made some faux puff pastry spanakopita (i say Faux, b/c its not legit greek spanakopita), spinach dip and the desserts... we had such a beautiful day for such a beautiful party! :)


  1. awww, you're such a good mommy! Happy B-day Kota!!

  2. You have beautiful furbabies! Happy Birthday Kata, so cute!

  3. What cuties! And Kota looks fab for his age! :)


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