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April 02, 2010

PaeBaek Ceremony {Getting Ready}

So immediately following our rehearsal, we headed over to El Torito Grille and had to start getting ready for the PaeBaek. We decided to do this a bit last minute but it was such a great decision... it brought in my Korean culture but it also had its entertainment value... We used Angel Catering and they were AWESOME. The guy who helped us went above and beyond and they provided all the set up and the special Hanbok outfits specifically for this event.

So here I am getting ready in the bathroom:

 Here is the gentleman from Angel Catering assisting Hubby with his Hanbok.

 Here I am as i walked out of the dressing area aka the bathroom.... I tried to look very serene. LOL. Don't i look VERY Korean here?

 The pin through my hair was hurting... but the "Hair did" that Chelsey B did stayed put and was awesome!

 Here is my mom and I... She's also in her Hanbok... isn't she beautiful?

 My MIL also put on a Hanbok... Here the two moms are with the Groom.

 Here is hubby with his best man and a groomsmen...

And here we are, about to get the PaeBaek Ceremony started!!!


  1. awww, I love love love how you got to incorporate your culture into your rehearsal dinner. =)

  2. It's so wonderful you took the time to honor the family. Does Angel Catering provide the traditional shoes as well?


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