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April 12, 2010

PaeBaek {The Ceremony}

So now that you have seen the venue, the getting ready photos and the decor for the PaeBaek, let me show you some photos of the PaeBaek Ceremony. (An Explanation of PaeBaek)

So we start with the groom's side, and my MIL got into Korean dress... doesn't she look fabulous?

First we bow... and this is very hard to do. My head piece wanted to come off, and what you don't see is i'm trying to bow indian style. This is why the bride needs assistance. LOL. Especially getting up!

Then we pour the tea... I am not to show my hands, as my hands are supposed to something only my husband sees.

We offer it to the groom's father first... then to the grooms' mother.

Then the dates and chestnuts are thrown to indicate how many children. My MIL wisely chose one of each...

We caught both!

Now a days, both sides will get the Paebaek, so my mom sat down to receive her respects... Isn't she beautiful?

After Bowing to her, Hubby handed her (with two hands) the tea, especially poured for her!

The gentleman who assisted us from Angel Catering was awesome, at this time he indicated the mother usually says something to her daughter as her daughter prepares to leave her mother's home... obviously, it can get emotional. He later indicated - he does this on purpose b/c most mothers and daughters express tears and smiles during this time.

My mom then threw a handful of dates/chestnuts... Note the big blur in the middle - i believe we caught NINE!!!

And i think she thought it quite funny we caught so many!

Then we went down the line in our family. Usually its the grooms side, but since the tradition was from my side, two of my aunts joined us for this occasion to receive their respects. Below is the eldest son's wife of my maternal side of the family! Her hanbok was beautiful... but not as pretty as my aunt!

Here is my mom's youngest sister with my uncle/officiant.

Now here we are taking the traditional photos. At this time we pour tea for one another.

We used a date and he was supposed to take it from my mouth!

Traditionally the groom carries the mother, mother in law, and future wife around the room to prove he can provide and is strong... we just faked the photos...
You like his expression above? LOL

Here we are with the women who received the PaeBaek

My immediate family...

My In Laws

And of course, I have to end with a beautiful picture of my mother and I...

Although fairly last minute, our PaeBaek turned out great - thanks to Angel Catering - who were awesome, but it proved also quite entertaining - so i'm very glad we decided to incorporate my culture and this event into the wedding weekend!

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