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April 06, 2010

PaeBaek {Decor}

So this is the decor that we rented from Angel Catering... as discussed in an earlier post, you can see we had the complete PaeBaek outfits on (see Here), so now to see how the stage was set... El Torito Grille was so open-minded about letting us do this whole set-up on the patio, in fact the manager - Jessie actually googled it and read into the tradition - he seemed more excited than we were about the whole event!

Here are a few photos my friends took:

And here we are (excuse the fact that I'm not looking at the camera) with the whole scene staged, including the back board ...

All the food there is actually fake aside from the chestnuts and dates which our mothers tossed at us.  Due to the fact that most people don't eat all that food, to keep from waste - many people do use the plastic props. It was so fun to include my culture and traditions into the wedding... and having it at the rehearsal/welcome party - made it even more fun and intimate!

Did you do anything like this for your wedding? Are you planning to?

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