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April 01, 2010

Rehearsal/Welcome Party

Picking our Rehearsal/Welcome Party Venue was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be... I'm not sure why, maybe b/c we didn't have a solid number to work with until the end or maybe b/c a lot of places had hidden fees that we just couldn't justify splurging on when it came to sign the contract... We didn't feel like we were asking for too much - I mean, all we needed was a space to fit about 75-85 people mid-afternoon... I mean, we did it at 3pm to help alleviate the costs and also avoid the mad friday evening dinner rush.

Well, after four different sets of invitations were created... we finally sent them out. But with the snow delaying the USPS, many people didn't get these invitations in time. What made things even more fun was that the venue we thought we had booked really couldn't accommodate our party size... so I fell back on a plan that I looked into but didn't fully get to explore and it turns out - it was the best decision!!!

Our rehearsal/welcome party venue was at the El Torito Grille in RSM. Jessie, the manager was fabulous... and when i came in less than a week before the event date, he walked me around - showed me my options and listened to all that I was hoping to accomplish in this short period of time we had at the restaurant. He was FABULOUS.

Here are some pics of the venue:

 The outside...
 The Patio... it had a fire place, fully covered and even heat lamps... it was an amazing little spot

 The inside was very cute...

 Another look from the outside looking into the patio...

We even got to taste their brunch which was FABULOUS! After eating there and meeting Jessie, I knew that we have found our venue for the Welcome Party and was very excited!!!


  1. I love Rancho Santa Marg...such a quaint little city. Lived there for just over a year. Anyway, it looks like you found a fabulous spot for your dinner and I'm so glad it worked out for you. We are excited about our rehearsal dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach. We love it there and it will easily accommodate our 40 or so guests.

  2. This is the one area where we are having the most trouble! Ours is an instate destination wedding - so as you know - its difficult because you can't just go and look at places any time of the week. I also made the mistake of giving this task to my soon to be hubby. I say "mistake" because he is soooo not going the way I thought he was going to go, but he's proud...I guess that is what matters. Sigh....


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